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Mission: Find a DVD in Under 5 Seconds. GO! A Screenwriter's Inspiration Room [Project Portfolio]  February 23, 2014 – 04:48 am
If you had nearly 800 movies, could you find Scarface in under 5 seconds?
I didn't think so.
That's what my Silverlake, Los Angeles client needed to find inspiration for his screenwriting. How can you spin fanciful tales of excitement if piles of DVDs and old, unlabeled VHS tapes are crowded all up in your business?
We started with his vision of this TV room/Guest Bedroom. He wanted inspiration! A clutter-free environment! The power to research, reference and recall any movie or television show on a moment's notice! We planned for him to run his own personal film festival by the end of August - a great way to put some accountability to the organizing project.
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We donated duplicates, and grouped by genre (Suspense, Horror, Comedy and Musical, Family and Animation, TV series, British TV series, Drama, and Non-Fiction). My client spent plenty of his own time on homework, purchasing storage furniture I suggested through my Pinterest board for him, and alphabetizing the entire combined collection of DVDs and VHS tapes within each genre (BTW: Pinterest is a great tool to source ideas for a room).
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An hour and a half consultation, lots of client homework and two four-hour sessions later, what started as a Greek tragedy of clutter...
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...became an Oscar-worthy movie and television library!
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All right Mr. De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up.- Norma in Sunset Boulevard
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Source: organizedbyjenny.blogspot.com

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Kylie Minogue
May 28, 1968, in Melbourne, Australia
Kylie, a name originated from an Aboriginal word meaning “boomerang”, is the eldest of three children. Her younger sister Dannii Minogue (born Danielle Jane Minogue) is also an actress and pop singer. From the age of 11, Kylie began her acting career in the Australian TV drama series Skyways, The Sullivans and The Henderson Kids. In... They made a successful album and hit “I Should Be So Lucky”. She departed the producers in 1992, but was not very successful to establish herself as an independent performer and songwriter.
In 2000, Kylie Minogue returned to popularity as a pop-dance artist and became well-known for her provocative music videos and expensively mounted stage shows. She recovered from breast cancer in 2006.

DCI Gene Hunt to perp-*MY star Signs SERPICO*

TV series on bbc1/uk tv - about time travel and police.
first series called -life on mars
first series set in 70's pre pc and Sam Tyler who was in present day?!! wakes up and finds himself in 1970's Britain before political correctness was turned upside down.
When the character Sam was in it it the drama was named Life on mars a tribute to the revered
David Bowie.
...eaders look life on mars and ashes to ashes up and if possible try to watch all three series*
At the end which is thought provoking-Alex Drake/keeley Hawes the second cop who has been shot and time travels helps to show what really happened(or did it?)
It was all perfect casting.
If you want to laugh out loud it's a must,must see...
Dean Andrews *Ray is the scene stealer.

The 20 Best Episodes of the 2012-2013 TV Season  — TV.com
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  • Avatar danny m How to watch uk tv online in the usa?
    Dec 24, 2009 by danny m | Posted in Drama

    I wanna watch british tv shows but cant play them because of the region i am in (usa) must be something to do with broadcasting rights but i am told you can do this by having a proxy server set up for the uk region, does anyone have anymore info to share

    • You can use this fast proxy but the only problem i found in it is that user has to fill in the survey to use this site then proxy site is usable for a day then next day you have to again fill a survey. Also it is the best ever proxy site i found but i have to fill in the survey in it :(

  • Avatar k_nightfox Is it a British tradition to bring grapes to someone in hospital?
    Aug 24, 2010 by k_nightfox | Posted in Etiquette

    I watch a lot of British television shows and have noticed that they seem to always bring grapes to friends/family in hospital. Since flowers are traditional here in America, I was wondering if this was a specifically British tradition. Also wondering, why grapes?

    • Yes most people do tend to bring grapes. Mind you, some people don't bring anything, they just come and eat the stuff that other people brought.
      A few years ago I had an operation for a broken jaw. My teeth were wi …her assistance, managed to get a small grape into my mouth. But, I couldn't chew it. I just had to sit there sucking this grape until it melted enough to swallow. It took ages.
      We have often laughed about it since.